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All pieces in this gallery are available for purchase. Please inquire here.

Madame Butterfly - "80 x "80 (2021)   

Pieced and appliquéd. Cotton fabrics, kimono silk thread, embellished with hand embroidery, 16 large hand-embroidered butterflies, Swarovski crystals. Completed in 2021. Claudia Clark Myers design.

Midnight in Morocco - "75 x "75 (2020)   

Pieced and appliquéd with cotton fabrics, hand embroidery, Swarovski crystals, crochet, and hand beads. Stitched with kimono silk thread. Completed in 2020. Claudia Clark Myers design.

Flower Power - "86 x "86 (2019)   

Pieced and appliquéd with, kimono silk, hand-dyed cotton, silk dupioni, and batik fabrics, stitched with silk and cotton thread, embellished with trim, Swarovski pearls and crystals. Completed in 2019. Collaborative quilt with friendship group.

Christmas in St. Andrews - "84 x "84 (2019)   

Pieced and appliquéd with cotton and silk fabrics, stitched in metallic and kimono silk thread, hand embroidery, embellished with painted lace trims, Lumiere paint, Swarovski pearls and crystals with vintage jewelry in center. Completed in 2019. Claudia Clark Myers design.

Marie's Treasure - "76 x "76 (2018)   

Appliquéd with cotton gradations and Paula Nadelstern fabrics, hand-dyed vintage doily and crochet pieces by Wendy Richardson, hand-dyed trims by Rainbow Resources, embroidery using hand-dyed thread from Laura Wasilowski, hand-sewn beads, Swarovski crystals and Lumiere paints. Stitched with kimono silk thread. Completed in 2018. Original design.